Bird Street

This place is vibrant and full of character.  When I walk in there I feel like I traveled back in time.  It’s old cobbled streets, tightly packed stores and products feel like they were just stuck in time.  This street is a time capsule…

A lot of people bring their birds here and chat with other fellow bird owners.  They love their pets, and have do all sorts of things to keep them happy with all their toys.  As a guy with a pet parrot, I know where they’re coming from.  The shops are a different story, some birds just seem lonely, and for a bird that’s used to flocks that is such a horrible thing. I tried to capture these moments as best I could.


People being distracted

While looking through my photos, I found a bunch where people were distracted with their phones or some other medium.  I compiled a few of them here that stand out.  I think I like the guy playing the guitar the most, even though he was working to pay for his trip, he was enjoying it…

Workers in Central

Central is one of the oldest part of the city and has a lot of traditional shops, I tried to capture a glimpse of their lives while strolling the old cobble stone streets.  A lot of times I found people just hum drumming through life to make ends meet.  Other places had so much color that I tried to emphasize that by turning up the saturation and contrast to 11.

Lanterns and more lanterns

Chinese new year is full of these things, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Luckily I found a place in Tsim Sha Tsui that hand lanterns hanging high above us in the night sky, and I could isolate them if I zoomed in enough.  I tried to play around with the crazy perspectives and tried to get some interesting abstract shots and here and there.

Honestly, I don’t think I got great shots this time round, but… I will next time.


Starting this blog…

I learned photography from my friend Pete.  He told me which camera to get, guided me on photography.  Reviewed my photos and helped me learn a lot about cameras, composition and other things…  He passed away not too long ago, and I haven’t really worked on my photography since he was gone…

But.. this is for Pete, to carry on his spirit.