Nine Inch Nails in Singapore

Watching NIN Live is one of the things in my life that I have to do.  I did that in 2007 when NIN visited Hong Kong for teh first time.  This time round they decided to skip Hong Kong and go to Singapore instead.  I bought my ticket straight away and planned a holiday to Singapore just to go to the concert.  Everyone I knew thought this was a strange thing to do, fly just for a concert, I sort of did too but now I have no regrets.  The concert was amazing!

I have no regrets, it was an awesome night.  Fort Canning Park is an amazing venue.  The ground had a comfortable incline so you could see the stage no matter where you were standing.  It’s an outdoor venue, so it was great to sit on the grass.  It’s also not a large venue and the concert was small, but the sound was great! It was hot but the band and security folk kept distributing bottles of water into the crowd. People at the front had their share and passed it back to the rest of us.

I went to the concerts with two of my friends, Sandra and Clement.  Clement flew in from Brunei, it’s the second time he’s flown out for a NIN concert.  Sandra brought her DSLR along and took a lot of really good pictures with it.  I started talking to a few people and made new friends.   That’s something that didn’t happen in Hong Kong, Singaporeans seem to be a lot more outgoing.

I took a few videos during the concert with my new sony dsc-t90.  I have yet to upload them, but they came out great.  A little shaky though but that’s expected during the mosh.  I will post them up as soon as I upload them.

Trent played for two whole hours and barely talked, he just went from one song to the next.  He played his best songs including wish, gave up, the downward spiral, survivalism, the fragile and of course he ended with hurt.  There was no encore unfortunately.  The band disappeared as soon as the concert ended.

After the concert, I was invited out to Little India by a few of the people that I met at the concert, a few beers and a lot of chat made it a perfect end to a perfect day.


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