Lanterns and more lanterns

Chinese new year is full of these things, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Luckily I found a place in Tsim Sha Tsui that hand lanterns hanging high above us in the night sky, and I could isolate them if I zoomed in enough.  I tried to play around with the crazy perspectives and tried to get some interesting abstract shots and here and there.

Honestly, I don’t think I got great shots this time round, but… I will next time.



Laborers in Tsim Sha Tsui

Everyone here is obsessed with making it big, buying a home, and getting rich.  No one really notices the l’il guys that are just making ends meet.  We read about them in the paper, or see them in the news, or sometimes an artsy photo showing them in a cage home or something… but they’re everywhere…

Starting this blog…

I learned photography from my friend Pete.  He told me which camera to get, guided me on photography.  Reviewed my photos and helped me learn a lot about cameras, composition and other things…  He passed away not too long ago, and I haven’t really worked on my photography since he was gone…

But.. this is for Pete, to carry on his spirit.


Running into Trouble with XWiki’s WYSIWYG Editor Settings

I was playing with XWiki’s Wysiwyg editor’s settings the other day/  I added the font plugin, and then went to the toolbar and aded in the fontname and fontsize features.  I hit save, and browsed to a page, and clicked ‘Edit’.  I expected to see two new drop down box in the toolbar, however I was greeted with the exact same toolbar on the editor.

“No problem”, I thought.  “I can go to the configuration and see what I did wrong”. So I browsed back to the WYSIWYG section and I was greeted with this:

The options to add and remove features are missing
The options to add and remove the menu bars’s features are missing

Yes, the options to add and remove the menu bar’s features completely disappeared. No Input Box, no cloud of links… I realised what I did.  I added the ‘fontname’ and the ‘fontsize’ features to the menu bar instead of the toolbar.  Since these features aren’t supported by the menu bar, it caused some sort of javascript error that stopped the options from displaying.

Now that the options are missing, I CAN’T UNDO IT THE CHANGES I MADE, CRAP!!!

After Googling like crazy, consulting documentation and even logging into IRC and asking for help.  I had no choice but to try asking people on the mailing list.  I crafted up my help message and sent it out.   A few hours later I got help.

Xwiki’s settings are stored as objects on a page, so to manually make the changes, the only thing that’s required is to browse to the right page and edit the text.

In this case the page is called “XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig”. Appropriately named isn’t it.  Usually when the Xwiki users refer to a page, they will give in it the convention “SpaceName.PageName”.  This means that the page is located in the “XWiki” space, and it’s named “WysiwygEditorConfig”.  To Edit the page, browse to it using the full address:


Once you’re there you have the option to edit the values manually using the object editor.  However I prefer to rollback and undo my changes.  Then go back to the Administrator section and try to make the changes again. … correctly.